Press release

We will be happy to write a press release for you and we can also manage its distribution to the appropriate outlets. Our focus is on bringing out the central features of your event. We take a close look at what constitutes the nature of your event and what the relevant circumstances are. We gather all the necessary input, for example relevant sources and information concerning the event. We will keep in touch throughout the process to make sure that you have the opportunity to provide feedback at any stage.

Marketing materials

We create marketing material which will captivate your target audience. This includes flyers and newsletters for which we will gather all the relevant input and will create the text. We also create multimedia solutions, including video and recording interviews. For example, we can ask attendees for their opinion on a specific question or to provide a summary of the event. This helps provide a human face to the coverage of the event.


Organizing an event brings increased media attention to your activities. We support you in providing interviews. Who should be interviewed? How should they prepare? The answers will largely depend on the medium of the interview and we have different strategies to handle different kinds of interviews. The goal is that your team should feel safe and at ease with media presence.

Managing social media

Taking into account the specifics of your event, we create interesting material which will speak to your audience. The content will reflect the goals you want to achieve, and we will find the right channels (for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). In addition to complete solutions we also offer one-off consultations on any specific concerns or issues you may have related to social media.


We write articles, blog posts, text for your website, and other useful content marketing material. Our texts are functional and captivating. The first task will be to determine what aim the text will have to achieve and and who the target audience is. We then gather all the necessary input and write the text. Finally, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and we can make final edits to suit your needs.

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